The pages listed below provide an introduction to the elements of English grammar. They are based on the opening chapters of my book Grammar for Teachers, but a few short sections have been cut – so if you want the fullĀ  version (and the remaining 70% of the book!), you will need to buy a copy. You can buy a downloadable printable version on this website.
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These pages contain almost all the material that was on the old Grammar for Teachers website. The main content is listed underneath each button.

Clause patterns and clause elements

  • types of sentence
  • clause patterns
  • subject
  • verb
  • direct object
  • indirect object
  • subject complement
  • object complement
  • adverbial

Nouns and noun-like things

  • nouns
  • countable and uncountable
  • pronouns
  • noun phrases
  • determiners
  • premodifers and postmodifiers
  • adjectives
  • qualitative and classifying adjectives

What is this thing called verb?

  • verbs as a word class
  • forms of the verb
  • regular and irregular verbs
  • main verbs
  • auxiliary verbs
  • modal auxiliaries
  • verbs as a clause element
  • tense
  • time
  • aspect

Adverbs and other awkward customers

  • adverbs
  • intensifiers
  • adverbials
  • adjuncts
  • place, time and manner
  • conjuncts
  • disjuncts
  • prepositions
  • prepositional phrases
Real-life sentences
  • three types of sentence
  • simple sentences
  • compound sentences
  • co-ordinating conjunctions
  • complex sentences
  • subordinating conjunctions
  • nominal clauses
  • relative clauses
  • adverbial clauses