I have been a freelance author and editor for over 35 years. I have worked with some of the biggest publishing houses in the UK. As well as continuing to write and edit books about language and communication skills, I also publish and package eBooks.

I offer information, expertise, and advice about writing, editing, formatting, and publishing high quality eBooks.


From the late 1970s to the early 1990s I wrote English textbooks and books for teachers. Oxford Secondary English was the bestselling English series in the 1980s, followed by The Oxford English Programme and the Heinemann English Programme.

I now write and edit trade books for adults. The most recent titles include The Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking and another bestseller The Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation.

In addition, I now publish my own books. Grammar for Teachers is proving very popular with teachers, especially those preparing to teach at primary and secondary level. I have also published a book about words, Lexis: an introduction to English words.


I have worked as editor and lead author on a number of educational and trade series. These include One Step Ahead, a series of fourteen books about communication skills published by Oxford University Press. I am currently Series Editor of the Heinemann Shakespeare, published by Pearson. So I know a lot about working with writers of all types – from experienced veterans to complete beginners.


School textbooks are highly designed. If you’re going to succeed as a writer you don’t just write the words; you need to plan how they will appear on the page. I cut my teeth on page layout on Oxford Secondary English, working directly with the design team at Oxford University Press. Later I worked on books using Adobe PageMaker, QuarkExpress, and, more recently, Adobe InDesign. My first self-published books were published in the 1990s. Since then I have published a successful teachers’ guide, Grammar for Teachers as a print-on-demand title. It is available here as a PDF download and is also available as an Apple iBook. My latest eBook is Lexis: An introduction to English Words.


I have a degree in Modern History from Oxford University and a Masters in Shakespeare and Theatre from the University of Birmingham. The first part of my working life was spent teaching English and Drama in Britain and overseas. Then, in 1987, I gave up teaching to become a full-time writer and editor. I live with my wife and business partner, Elizabeth, in Cheltenham, in the West of England, a cultural centre famous for its Regency architecture, arts festivals – and, of course, national hunt racing.